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WAYS (PERCEPTIONS). Erasmus and ALIA reloaded.

ALIA and Erasmus reloaded...

1) We are being visited by Emma & Finja two friendly, easy-going and smart students from Neckarbischofsheim. And even though they don't even know about it they are about to get a present intimately related to our project:

2) 11 students + 2 Aimerigues teachers are heading towards Neckarbischofsheim exchange next 14th to 21st of May with our Italian, Polish and, of course, German partners working on the Erasmus+ Project Thinking globally, acting locally.

3) Related to this project and even more to our topic, Sustainable cities. Making visible the invisible, this week some strange things are expected to start to happen (or maybe they already started) in our first floor corridor...

Duchamp meets pollution meets Science Week meets Zoom (our science magazine!). Stay alert!

4) Converging with it all, ALIA project on urbanism & health moves on on its own sweet way. Last Tuesday the 26th we met with MIXITÉ and CCCB teams to update, work, push on and move forward the making of our 2 INFOGRAPHIES (analytical and speculative).

Klee meets pollution measurements meets collaborative cartographies meets data viz meets drifts meets collage (of course!) meets arquimeiriguists surveys... what else?

A very productive meeting indeed!!

Tons of colourful, graphic and meaningful ideas, concepts, options and possibilities!

A real brainstorm!!!

Not needed to say, things are already, somehow (Sergi does not need to rest or sleep or similar), taking form...

The Erasmus CITY COLLAGE, by the way, has been moved since Sant Jordi and has found its own sweet place "naturally" by the ALIA map (somehow, so, complementing to and dialoguing with each other).

It is true, there have been some "fixing" problems... but they will be solved next week. No doubt about it (sic).

They both dialogue too with two videos that next days (!¿?) will be installed in front of/close to them...

This is the first one: WAYS(PERCEPTIONS).

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