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Engine getting already started in the new Aimerigues ALIA project, a collaboration with CCCB, ISGlobal & Mixité...

In the coming days, 4th ESO and 1st Batxillerat students will start the ALIA project on Cities and Health. The project continues, connects, expands and integrates into the Erasmus project, Sustainable cities. Making visible the invisible, currently in progress.

It's QUESTIONS time!!

(excerpts from the CCCB ALIA project website)

The pandemic not only reminds us of the fragile balance of ecosystems and their interdependence, it also highlights the fissures in urban life and the urgent need to rethink the model of life in the city.

With 55% of the population concentrated in urban areas, seeing the city as an ecosystem allows us to understand how urban planning and pollution, biodiversity and human health, and climate emergency and the appearance of disease are interrelated. Can we imagine and design cities capable of guaranteeing and improving human and planetary health? Can the city be sustainable? Could urban biodiversity be the medicine of the future?

For five months, six class groups in the Barcelona metropolitan region will discover at first hand some of the research programmes of the Barcelona Global Health Institute and learn how the configuration of the city and the resulting model of life is related to the health of its inhabitants and the planet. They’ll do so in the company of the scientists heading the research and Mixité, a collective made up of an architect and an artist.

The project proposes a programme that combines scientific research and artistic creation. Using various artistic techniques, the young people will rethink the link between city and health, and imagine other possible cities that will be represented in speculative infographics.

On the 15th January teachers will have a meeting at the CCCB to get it started...

More news to come next days...

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