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City Collage Exhibition

The video of our CITY COLLAGE Exhibition is ready.

It goes by itself that this video fits and complements, diverges and converges, (im)perfectly well with our Alia video WAYS (PERCEPTIONS). A kind of repetition, but here we go again.

Find the similitudes... and the differences!

It goes by itself too that they find themselves probably in the idea of perception.

"Think about how you look at the world. It is not a linear, coherent experience. Instead, it is a melange of snippets of movement and angles, interspread with a blinking, and put together into something logical by your brain. Collage is the technique that most closely reflects PERCEPTION. Over the past century, the layering, arranging, cutting, recombining, and glueing of imagery and things has become the defining approach to making art."

Francesca Gavin

Somehow we all live and breathe already, somehow, in a collage-way.

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