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1. Make a survey with the next questions:

a) In which city/town do you live?

b) What is the biggest city closest to your home?

c) Where does your family come from?

(country & city)

d) Which cultural heritage would you like to visit?

(place & city)

e) Which exotic country do you dream of visiting?

Survey sample:

Participants in Erasmus.

Students and teachers of schools.

School community in general.

2. Make the statistics work. Or maybe it is not necessary.

3. Look for and order the places regarding the results of the survey until getting 36. Edit them and print them out in A4 format. Write the name of the place (arial bold 14, left inferior corner).


World-Terrassa-Germany-Italy-Poland-Cities close to.

Rest of places in order of appearance or other criteria.

4. MURAL: 6 x 6 A3 (150 x 252 cm)

5. FAQ SHOW in a lateral. Stats too (smaller), or maybe not necessary. Text relating it to our project: that’s it CONTEXT (climate change).

TITLE: Everybody knows (that’s how it goes)

SONG’S CODE: Everybody knows by Rufus Wainwright

6. Climate change consequences article black/opaque intervention. By the side. Next to it, on a table with a chair, the same article, but readable and other ones about the topic too. 2 books by Andreu Escrivà as well.

7. Do not forget to contact professor Ed Hawkins, University of Reading, author of the web and the graphs. Done. He likes the idea.

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