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Cooperative Cartographies & meeting with Mónica Ubalde.


First ALIA session, first cooperative cartographies session.

Of sights, noises, smells, tastes, touchings...

of places & faces & spaces & times...

and words and perceptions and approaches and deviations...

and routes and tracks and paths, locus amoenus, ways, zones 0, diversions and bypasses and appropiations, places where to be and from where to escape and no-places...

traces, marks, maps that are and are not the territory, territories without maps, free times and other times and spaces inside and outside time and space...

"The city is in the mind"

Elias Canetti

Seen from certain perspective, ALIA stuff seems to be ALLYING with and dialoguing, as it goes, with the STRIPPED-BARE panel on climate change... and with the maelstrom-in-the-beginning-is-my-end COLLAGE and the disordered excursus SNAPSHOTS of urban sensational sensations...

their whispers arriving to the AERY city, ethereal and mortal, always unfinished and stuffed and amorphous, always in the move, always being done and redone and undone, home and inclemency, always visible and invisible at the same time (alas, Calvino!, alas, Perec!, alas @300000kms!) some meters away...

Oh, YES!!

PERCEPTION is something we do.

And un-do.

And re-do.

And do again.

The wheel goes on rolling...


Today, ALIA session at the CCCB. Meeting with Mónica Ubalde, researcher developing her research work at the Urban Planning, Environment and Health Initiative, within the Air pollution and Urban Environment Programme at ISGlobal.

Defining concepts, fixing perceptions, reflecting on our every day actions, approaching grounded data, making visible what most of time is invisible, SCIENCE, effects, global health, future scenarios, possibilities...

Lots of new insights, data and ideas!!!


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