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Adolf-Schmitthenner-Gymnasium, Neckarbischofsheim (Germany)

Neckarbischofsheim is a small town of about 4000 inhabitants. The catchment area of the Adolf-Schmitthenner-Gymnasium is a very rural area.


The school building consists of several classrooms, some subject-specific rooms for music, biology, chemistry and physics, computer study rooms, sports halls, a swimming pool and a refectory.


The ASG is a secondary school. The total number of pupils is currently 997, aged between 11 and 19, and continues to rise. The staff consists of the principal, a deputy principal, 94 teachers, two school secretaries, a social worker and a caretaker. The ASG is characterised by a wide range of profiles (natural sciences, languages and music). In addition, it offers a variety of extracurricular activities (robotics club, various bands, orchestras, choirs and a drama club as well as numerous sports clubs).


Our school has the prerequisites that are relevant for the project. Students learn English from grade 5 and French or Latin as a second foreign language (from grade 7). In the 9th grade, they have the opportunity to learn Italian as a third foreign language. The school offers preparation courses for international language certificates such as DELF (French) and CILS (Italian), which are used by many students. There are also regular exchanges with schools in France, Italy and the United Kingdom, which involve around 50 pupils per year. Since 2013 our school has been a centre school in the field of evolution and biodiversity. Within the framework of the initiative WiS ("Science in Schools") it is working closely with out-of-school partners, for example the Department "Biodiversity and Plant Systematics" and the Institute for Geosciences at the University of Heidelberg and the Natural History Museum Karlsruhe.We also offer training for zoo-mentors. Each year some students of class 10 take part in workshops on the subject of nutrition at the Regional School Centre for Environmental Education.


The ASG is currently participating in two Erasmus+ projects for grades 10/11 (2018-20 as a coordinating school) and 8/9 (2019-21 as a partner school). The interest and curiosity that these projects have aroused, as well as the very positive feedback from the students, parents, school management, press and local authorities, are important reasons why we would like to apply again for such a project. Moreover, the participation in an international Erasmus project is an attempt to internationalise our school. It offers our students the opportunity to establish contacts with foreign schools and thus improve their language and key skills. Our school currently has four active eTwinning projects in different grades and subjects.


Coordinators of the project are OStR´in Maria Pia Panunzio and SDín Margitta Bönisch, who can take on the role of coordinator at any time. The Erasmus+ team consists mainly of several science (biology, chemistry) and geography teachers. Languages, history and art teachers will support the project too.

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